Works great for seeing the screen in harsh outdoor lighting
Exposure is harder to judge, even dark scenes 2 stops low look property exposure using the finder, adjust screen brightness?
Motion of the playback looks chopper than it actually is perhaps because of all the magnification.
I am on a list to review the new Sony Alpha 77 camera - no need for this?
I am sold on the idea of owning one of these, I just want to review some in the $125 range to see if there is that big of a difference.
I like the eye cup nice and soft
Mounting is a little slow, meaning several times I have headed outside for a quick shot and didn't have the mounting plate and and said ah screw it too much work I don't have time to put it on the camera.
I love the idea as a tool, I just can't recommend it for the price unless you are a pro like Philip Bloom. If you are a pro and on the set where thousands of dollars of money is going by each hour then you might want to buy the best. $375 is a lot of money for this thing for a hobbyist
Works nice on my Manfrotto monopod
Will it work on a Tilt screen?

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