Video excerpt from 'Studio' installation by Cevdet Erek, 2005, Amsterdam

The ‘Studio’ installation was originally realized at the Rijksakademie Open Studios 2005, in which it was awarded the Uriot Prize. The video was projected on the infinity background of a photography studio, being viewed behind a window. The new construction is a small copy of the ‘infinity’ which functions as both a vertical and horizontal projection surface. The dimensions of the construction is set according to the real size of Erek’s hands.

…The sound of drumming fingertips seen at a safe distance, the projection held within an enclosed room. An obsessive rhythm, both instinctive and logical, is beaten out by two hands - both belong to Cevdet Erek. Oddly, the two hands try to beat each other at their own self-involved game. Cevdet Erek’s work is characterised by a marked use of rhythm and site specificity. Erek combines video, sound and images, often in an attempt to alter the viewer’s perception and experience of a given space. The result
functions as a hypothesis, probing the viewer’s instinctive logic and thus appealing to the senses. Interestingly, Erek manages to combine rational components such as references to architecture and linear time with instinctive impulses thereby levelling the gap between two supposedly opposing spheres

by Maxine Kopsa, from exhibition catalog
'Just in Time' – Proposal for Municipal Art Acquisitions, curated by Maxine Kopsa
1.12.06 - 11.03.07, Stedelijk Museum CS, Amsterdam, NL

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