When defining our identity and the identity of others, our sensory abilities are increasingly replaced by networked surveillance and identification technologies. How do we experience the way our body and identity are being 'measured' as functional and controllable products? Can sensory perception play again a role in experiencing the other's identity? Saving Face reintroduces touch related perception in the digital and public domain - with the help of a personal touching body scan.

Touching the Face as social Interface
Saving Face is a smartphone app connected to an urban screen; with which you can create a networked identity through the act of touching and caressing your face. For the creation of this identity your face functions as a painter's palet: though the act of caressing, you 'paint' your face on the Urban Screen. On the urban screen your face merges with the faces all previous participants of Saving Face. Through the act of caressing your face, you compose together a new, non-tracable, non controllable composed identity; of all Saving Face participants faces on the urban screen worldwide.

Every temporary hybrid portrait is included in a Saving Face networked passport and send to the users.

Saving Face can be presented in various contexts:
On city squares, like Rembrandt plein Amsterdam or Time Square New York, city inhabitants create together an identity of a city or square: The Face of New York or The Face of Amsterdam. At one hand Saving Face is a funny happy game.
At the other hand it shows in a playful way social tension about the meeting and integration of personal histories and cultural-political backgrounds. The context is part of the the Saving Face experience. Saving Face can also be a ‘Love-app’ in which lovers, by caressing each others face, melt together on the Urban Screen. And when plural urban screens in various cities are being networked, participants worldwide can tele-touch each other to meet.

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