Running Time: 68 minutes
Format: High Definition XDCAM
Original Languages: Hindi, Nepalese, Saptari dialect, Dari and English
Available Subtitles: English and Spanish
Languages: Hindi, Nepali, Saptari dialect, Dari, English
Release date: September 2011
Country: Spain

The documentary, "Cartografía de la soledad" (Cartography of Loneliness), is akin to a map tracing the emotions and feelings of women who find themselves totally alone on losing their husbands in three countries, India, Nepal and Afghanistan.

The choice of these three countries which are so near each other and have significant ethnic and religious differences is not by chance. India is the country with the most widows in the world, totalling over 45 million. In Nepal, half of the female population is widowed or have been abandoned by their husbands: they are called "child widows" or baikaylas. Afghanistan has the highest proportion of widows in the world after 30 years of war.
Tradition, society and religion have determined the course of their lives following their husbands' deaths. Many widows are abandoned by their families, or victim of women trafficking, or condemned to social ostracism.

War, AIDS and child marriages are the main factors behind these figures.

After living with them for 4 months, there have been impressive stories in a very determined historical, social and religious context, and also the medicine, human rights and education are intertwined in their lives.

P/D, Writer and Edition by Nocem Collado
Collaboration of Óscar Clemente
Color: Jose Escrig
Music: Javi Vega & Joaquín Calderón
Audio postproduction: Juan Egoscozábal
Postproduction: José Jiménez & Adrián Morales
Translation: Cristina Fernández, Gabriel Anastasiou, Vineet Gandhi, Nassim Khoshfeiz, Anurag Kumar, Meghna Singh, Reshma Thapa, Najib Sami, Aria Ahmady

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