Recorded at the Living Room, NYC 07/14/11
Appears on "Wander Away" (2011)

1000 miles in your car
We're halfway to LA today
The ones I love know who they are
And the rest all just slip away

I wanna burn the circus tents
I wanna crash your party dress
I want it all to make some sense
But it's cool if it never does
I wanna be with you on this ride
Rub these wounds and make them shine
I want it all to work out fine
But it's cool

Take your hands off the wheel
And throw our clothes out of the window
This is how I want to feel
Is the coast clear
Shifting gear

In a little while we'll be able to rest
Draw the motel blinds, feel your hands on my chest
And I feel the sweet sound of chains
That fall around my feet

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