Band: Królowie Życiaa
Song: Nasze Rendez-Vous
Date: 2009.01.11
Venue: Café Kulturalna, Warsaw, Poland

Było fatalne nagłośnienie oraz prawie brak oświetlenia, dlatego jakość mizerna i wyszedł bardziej dokument niż teledysk ;-)

For english speaking audience: one polish band (Królowie Życiaa) is playing song by other polish band (Kombi). The latter was one of the most known bands here in '80s playing new romantic and synth-pop. Królowie Życiaa (named by one of Kombi's song) was formed as a cover band by - to say the least - alternative and punk musicians.
Despite horrible sound and almost no lights the gig was great. This video is rather a document than a clip ;-)

More info about Kombi:
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