Not With Standing
5' BnW
AudioVisual - 2009
Concept, Music and Editing Sonia Laura Armaniaco

Real footage, found footage, dislocated footage for the dynamics and location of the BnW “story”, which is nowhere and its contrary, where ongoing emotions and mainly their immateriality (paradoxically with weight) trace some kind of “time” and where the ghostly-ethereal element becomes the main one as the key witness.

mashup: William Shakespeare's "Sonnet47", Mamoru Oshii's "Ghost in the Shell", Michel Foucault's "Utopian Body"

Matadac Videofest, Madrid
Backup Festival, Weimar
Athen's Videoart Festival
Heure Exquise Musicvideoart Fest, Mons en Baroeul
Transfera Telefonica Videoart Channel, Madrid
Kunstfilmtag, Dusseldorf

contemporary performance network
transfera channel
Le Club VJ 1.0

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