[1] The grocery store is not the only store I would go to when highly sleep deprived, the same routine described above was used in other stores;

[2] High levels of sleep deprivation affects the brain and increases cortisol levels;

[3] Cortisol is linked to imprinting the brain areas associated to fear and PTSD;

[4] The high levels of sleep deprivation, stress, and criminal harassment routine is similar to a state of war or being "on guard", not wanting to show signs of adrenaline or voice fluctuations that are interpreted as fear and resulting in humiliation;

[5] Criminal harassment threats and threats to a person's honor, humiliation, are linked to fear, which is linked to the high levels of cortisol and imprinting the brain, PTSD;

[6] The sharp sounds added in this psychological battle field had an effect on me is this highly sleep deprived state and I believe may be linked to brain imprinting, PTSD;

[7] The sharp sounds and re-experiencing anxiety and stress, PTSD;

[8] PTSD and fear conditioning are linked to what the mob calls "making people yellow";

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