A short film for the Sydney Theatre Company, promoting a contemporary production of the Greek tragedy 'Oresteia' by Aeschylus.

Director: Mike Daly
Producer: Sophie Thiellon
Cinematographers: Bonnie Elliott & Lachlan Milne
Camera Assistant: Hugh Rutherford
Art Director: Xanthe Highfield
Make-up Artist: Lucy Woolfman
Editors: Philip Horn & Mike Daly
Compositor & Grader: Mike Daly

Special Thanks to: Guénolée Cottineau, Sam Chiplin,
Anna Fraser, Antoine Ryan, Megan Drury, Orlando Savage,
Sean Gaji, Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau, Emma Lawrence & Exit Films.

Music: 'Cuerpo Celeste' by Murcof. Written by Fernando Corona
Used courtesy of The Leaf Label
 by arrangement with Woodwork Music.

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