My DIY Slider built using carriages taken from two small skateboards, extra skateboard wheel bearings, 4ft wardrobe hanger rods, push-up stands for legs etc.

It started out as a friction based slider, but thanks to JC Pasterjak's slider build, which I did make, I went the bearing/wheel route.

Thanks to Emm at CheesyCam and folks hanging out there for many wonderful DIY ideas that really helped
my project take off. Also some DIY RC videos here at Vimeo taught me remote control. It was fun learning, thanks guys.

The idea of using skateboard carriages as the main rig really came by accident. While fiddling around with the parts before throwing them into the leftover bins, they just came together in such a way that with bearings on the studs, the unit rolls smoothly on my table!

It is not finished yet as I am still waiting for some timing belts and pulleys for the final drive. Plus pan and tilt using servo motors. BTW the main drive used is a continuous rotation servo. Before this it was a power window motor but my RC transmitter/receiver arrived earlier than the motor controller (to date haven't received it)!

Comments are appreciated. I'll be happy to provide more info on this slider if needed.

Update: Power window motor drive alternative can be seen at:

Update2: The slider passed rough test:

Update3: Now Konova motor powered and controlled by MX2:

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