This is 9 and a half minute version of a (public domain) 1968 science fiction film directed by Peter Bodanovich, adapted from Curtis Harrington's (public domain) "Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet", which in turn is adapted from the Russian 1962 feature "Planeta Bur" by Pavel Klushantsev. This is Bogdanovich's second film.

The plot of this short is a bit simpler than the plot of the original. In this version, a manned spacecraft flies to Venus, to bring samples back to Earth. It turns out there are lots of beautiful women (for example, the alien Moana, played by Mamie Van Doren) on Venus. The astronauts miss them all, and are forced to leave quickly due to a dangerous storm. They are also forced to abandon their robot, which gets buried in lava and mud. However, they do gather lots of samples, and as they are leaving one of the astronauts notices something that suggests that aliens just like us are living there. As the astronauts take off back to Earth, the Venusian women, lead by Moana, take the lava-caked robot up to their altar and worship it as a god.
(Some differences with the original movie: it had a rescue mission, more footage of astronauts climbing around exploring (some taken from "Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet"), more of the Venusians' telepathic-type communication, and a more prominent figuring of the Venusians' bird god, which the robot destroyed.)

1) Bodanovich was nominated for a Best Director Academy Award a few years later for "The Last Picture Show".
2) More trivial at:

Directed by
Peter Bogdanovich
Produced by
Norman D. Wells
Roger Corman
Written by
Henry Ney

Mamie Van Doren as Moana
Gennadi Vernov as Astronaut Andre Freneau

Original running time 78 minutes.

Music: Trinodia
Album: Unknown space
Track: Epic Feel
license: CC by-nc-nd
I have (private communication) received permission from Daniel Eldström (=Trinodia) to use his music for music videos.
Thank you!

All editing done by me in FCPX.

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