Planetary action from the Archangels and Friends.
Awesome images of the Powers of Heaven in action
Make great karma and perform among the most heroic of deeds.
Retrieve your own lost soul parts from this and ancient times
Serve the cause of Light and the Future in the most practical, effective way

I hope to do a future show explaining more of the principles of "soul retrieval".

This approach is somewhat different than shamanistic soul retrieval.
Instead of having aperson do it for one individual, we authorize and ask the angelic legions to move down into the inner spirit planes of earth and to find and call back to the Light, to cut free and teach soul parts of ourselves and of all people.

The Law of Life says we must be as specific as possible, naming places where we want action, naming conditions, not leaving our requests to be nebulous or vague or undefined.

So we name certain places, nations in this video, including Europe, Africa, China and Russia, Estonia and Croatia.

Future additions will take in the West, and other nations, such as more of India.

Dr. Shakuntala Modi has done fascinating work and learned much of the inner processes involving manipulation of people and souls by the dark forces. Her work "Remarkable Healings", is indeed remarkable. She doesn't have much of a web presence, you have to get the book.

There are few things better than praying for souls, to make good points with Life, methinks.

Indeed, as we ask for others soul parts to be called back, so are our own.

Ave Maria forever...

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Mantovani Orchestra- Greensleeves; Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Corciolli- Archangel Gabriel

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