In 1926 my great grandfather built a quaint lakeside cabin nestled in the mountainous and peaceful setting of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. This small town is acknowledged as being the oldest resort in America and is held together by its kind people and authenticity.

Throughout my youth my family moved countless times, making Wolfeboro the one place I considered home. Visiting this town on a regular basis became my sanctuary by offering me stability, peace and serenity that would become critical in providing me with the deep roots and values that would help shape Element.

In addition to Wolfeboro’s beauty and charm, its townspeople must endure the elements of New England’s rugged seasons, building strong character and making durability essential to everyday living.

Introducing the Element Wolfeboro Collection, a comprehensive jacket line and a selective range of clothes that embrace the traditions of Element and Wolfeboro by meshing classic style with functionality and the appreciation for simple living.

Johnny Schillereff
Element Founder and President

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