9/11: THE CHILDREN’S HOUR - Nickelodeon's Re-education Program:

The first "reporter" is an example of corporate media pushing the fear programming as dictated by the government and the second real person reporter is using levity and sarcasm in showing that not everyone buys into the propaganda.

"...Television and movies have utilized mind control techniques to heighten or influence audience response. It also insinuates credibility to any argument. There have been many instances where predictive programming approximates events that change the way we view or futures and our safety. When there is an intentional triggering to get a response from critical mass it can be chilling and at times very funny to watch how this is done.

There were many trigger words used during reports of hurricane Irene like “Monster,” “Storm of the Century” but one word that was not used was “Overrated.” The other words however were enough to cause people all over the country to watch, pray, and reporters to do all sorts of stupid things.

WTTG Fox D.C. reporter Tucker Barnes braved the beach at Ocean City, Maryland to give a live report of the wind and water power of Hurricane Irene. Barnes was standing in the wind being pelted with what he thought was thick viscous sea foam. He commented that it had a sandy consistency, smelled awful, and tasted equally bad. It turned out that the Sea Foam was really raw sewage being churned into buttery foam. Needless to say the reporter was showing us that sometimes coverage in the news is nothing but sh*t."

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