We were originally presented with a storyboard, script, logo, an explanation that the spot needed to emote feelings of excitement and winning / overcoming personal challenges, all to a sports theme.

The script called for five graphic sections; three over video and two full graphic sections with text. The colors and shape for the graphics were taken from the Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics logo; the rest was up to me.

I developed a technical looking "light screen" to house the text called for in the script. The animation started as a small flickering square, indicating where that person had overcome a past injury. After a few quick flickers the square fly away from the individual, then expand to reveal the shape of the light screen. As the screen was being revealed the text would flicker on, indicating the name of the person's injured area. I included a secondary graphic which would grow slowly around the screen and resemble something of a frame. This was done simply to maintain the pace of the animation and keep visual interest throughout the shot.

The screen graphic was connected to the persons' injured area by a beam of light. I started in Mocha for After Effects, tracking the background and then the injured area on the person on screen. After getting two points to be used as connectors and a little help from Dan Ebberts' MotionScript website, (a certain toComp 3d Null expression plus a Beam Effect) the light beam effect sprang to life. It took a little tweaking between the 3 shots to make everything look just right, but in the end everyone was more than happy with the results.

The full-screen text on graphic section was fairly easy to devise, taking elements from the light screen graphic and adding some fast editing between words to maintain the exciting pace of the commercial. The final logo was finished in a similar manor, keeping with the previous graphics package but adding a little original flare.

Todd Gill had a HUGE role in this project and it wouldn't have been the same without him. He did a great job not only on the editing, but his experimentation with the slightly "unnatural" colors really pushed the feel of the commercial to another level. Seeing the original footage next to his versions were remarkable. Not to mention looking through 100's of music tracks (yes, over 100…) to find this great one, that takes some serious patience.


· Jason Simpson: Development of Graphics Package, Tracking, Typesetting & Animation.

· Todd Gill: DI Colorist, Editor & Music Selection.

Client: Arkansas Specialty Orthopedics
Advertising Agency: Eric Rob & Isaac
Post & Production: Dempsey Film Group

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