A brief look into the passion and inspiration from Mark Patterson, Creative Director and Founder of Mark Patterson. Take this in-depth tour with Mark, as he walks you through his workshop and home.

"Above all, the Mark Patterson name represents the finest quality, craftsmanship, and designs available. I truly believe that an engagement ring and wedding band are not just mere jewelry purchases, but representations of a unique harmony, different for each individual. That is why we strive to provide each of our customers with completely customized rings that fit their life and their lifestyle. Our emphasis and philosophy of making each ring custom to the bride's diamond and finger is a truly different approach than other designers care to take. I find pride in executing one of my designs specifically for each individual, as not only does it provide the customer with the right product, it also brings the designer and consumer closer together.

Designing beautiful, feminine engagement rings and fine wedding bands becomes a natural process when you have the right muse. I look to my wife, my professional and personal partner, when creating and implementing my designs. My training as a goldsmith/ jeweler gave me the skills I needed to implement designs, but Josette, my wife, had the vision. As a designer, sculptor and painter, she has an artistic eye that has helped define our creations. Our relationship has evolved into one where we currently collaborate on each design, incorporating our training, skill sets, and visions for each and every piece. We work together to form pencil sketches which are then worked into CADs (computer aided designs). From that, actual prototypes are formed and then reworked until the ideal design is created.

From an early age, I knew two things about my future career aspirations: that I wanted to work with my hands, and that I wanted to make the world a more beautiful place. I knew that if I could incorporate the two, I would live a successful, meaningful life in my own right. Over the past 25 years, my career has taken me throughout the country (teaching in New York at Gemological Institute of America, and currently running my company in California) as well as around the world. To me, there’s no distance too far when it comes to finding the right gemstone. I travel around the world for stones I’m proud to have carry the Mark Patterson name—known for superior cutting, exceptional brilliance, and fine craftsmanship.

I feel that brides and brides-to-be have so many options today when selecting a ring, that the process has become more tedious than fun. Personally, I try to keep things simple and beautiful. The perfect ring incorporates a sense of both balance, and simplicity. Balance again refers to the fusion of traditional elements, such as construction, and a sense of modernity, while simplicity refers to the notion that the ring is worn daily, and should reflect that. Since wedding bands and engagement rings are often seen as a symbol of lifelong commitment, I always create designs which represent current tastes, but also timeless beauty that will never go out of style.

"My goldsmith training in traditional European (specifically, Swiss) techniques and styling has greatly influenced my view of how engagement rings and wedding bands should be crafted. For my line, I strongly advocate for keeping traditional styles and integrating new, modern touches that make my rings unique. I often keep with a traditional structure while improving on other elements, thus creating a fusion between old and new. I like taking something classic and adding my own flare—making it a true ""Mark Patterson piece."" I work mostly with platinum because it has a superior finish and color to white gold. Platinum is a beautiful and versatile metal which stands the test of time like a great relationship."

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