Here are a few quick tests done this past weekend with the built-in strands and Verlet dynamics. I did end up making a few of my own custom compounds to be able to control effects such as clumping, stiffness and shape holding, as these were pretty much non-existent in the default tool-set (or just simply unusable, as with the 'stiffness' parameters built into the dynamics).

Some of what each sample showcases (from left to right...):
1. A dry look... Stiffness along the length of the strand (allows the strand to stand on end, while still being influenced by gravity).
2. A damp/wet look.... Clumping of strands into distinct reqions. These larger clumps are not simulated themselves, but rather draw their motion from the more sparse set of hairs being simulated (much the same as the built-in 'filler strands' do).
3. A wet look... Localized clumping of hairs. These clumps derive their initial position from user selected guide strands, but then they are also simulated along with the rest of the guide strands (as opposed to the previous example).
4. Shape/form holding and stiffness. This is essentially a compound that allows a user defined 'initial state' to be set. The hairdynamics will try to retain that shape based on user defined hold values. This effect can fall-off over the length of the strand. A nice result of this is, as you can see, stronger forces will pull the hair out of shape briefly, and then rebound once the force has dissipated.

**Edit** You can now download the compounds here:

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