Wifi Camera reveals the electromagnetic space of our devices and the shadows that we create within such spaces, in particular our wifi networks which are increasingly found in coffee shops, offices and homes throughout cities of the developed world. We take real time "photos" of wifi space.


As exhibited at NTT ICC 'Light in Sight' 2008 Tokyo

By Bengt Sjölén and Adam Somlai-Fischer with Usman Haque

Curator "Light InSight": Yukiko Shikata (ICC)
Assistant: Hiroko Myokam (ICC)
Administration: Yoshiaki Takahashi
Setup: Nobuki Shirai and his team of Tokyo Studio Co., Ltd.
Technical Setup: Toku Kitajima (ICC), Hiroshi Kanechiku, Takashi Nishino, Haruhiko Goto, Koji Hirano (ICC),Takahiko Azami
Cooporation: Lily Industry Co., Ltd., Thailand

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