Having identified a group of ‘Special Publics’ Shell recruited Euronews to deliver it’s Comment: Visions campaign in order to maintain its innovative reputation.

This group, who aren’t easily seduced by traditional above-the-line advertising, left Euronews’ with a difficult challenge. However, the assignment was clear: to generate engagement amongst the selected group and deliver positive advocacy of the brand.

Shell distinguished Euronews as the perfect channel with which to partner because of its broad reach within Europe, its news and information editorial format and its close links with governments across Europe.

Euronews launched a partnership for Shell named Comment: Visions, which complimented the Euronews' flagship 'No Comment' programme. Having also teamed up with European Voice, the brand could be exposed to EU policymakers and the EU affairs community.

The campaign was executed using on air interviews and online debates. Debates attended by relevant Shell delegates also took place with influential visionaries and invited ‘Special Publics’. The debates were filmed and uploaded to an online blog.

The results proved both successful and vast gaining a database of 20,000 ‘Special Publics’ and 425 delegates in attendance at the events. In addition to this 90% of Shell's target audience say the topics were relevant to them and 70% trusted the content of the partnership.

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