ower Thick Margarita
It is literally through pair houses from "Three sisters" the tower is located толстенная - it carries the name "Thick Margarita", one of city symbols. Its walls внижней reach parts of 5 meters! Diameter of a tower - 24 meters, height of 26 meters. Within long years internal premises of a tower were used as barracks, since 1905 the prison, and now here the Sea museum (an input in it from outside "Three sisters", over an entrance door a rostrum) here has been located. Interesting exhibits, like ship cabin, and it is possible to get out on a roof in the summer and to survey vicinities. Near to a tower the rests of medieval earthen strengthenings are visible. And at once behind a tower - a monument to victims on ferry "Estonia" in 1994.

If to go down from a hill downwards and to pass street, you leave by the whole modern quarter where some shopping centers are located.

There and then nearby - the Tallinn port, whence huge and very beautiful ferries to Finland, and the big gray building of a monumental kind - the former palace of a name of Lenin, constructed in 1980, to the Moscow Olympic Games daily depart. Now it carries the name of Gorholl, the Ice palace, a concert hall, and above - an excellent viewing point there is located - if to reach to the very top, the beautiful panorama of port, ocean liners at a mooring and flying up helicopters will open. This year Gorholl tore to take down, but defenders of architecture of 20 centuries have stood up for it, and meanwhile it is at a stop.

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