Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Amit Kehar and Jeremie Stall-Paquet

Compositing: Amit Kehar

The aim of the JMC Project’s “Hey People” music video was to capture the superlative and scenic nightscape of Montreal. The concept was to illustrate a parallel between the city lights dancing and flashing to the music's rhythm: The mission was to convey a visual representation of isolation, human suffering, and yet joy within the city. This aesthetic choice also enabled us to stay true to the songs title, “Hey People”, which represented a form of city-wide wakeup call. Furthermore, this allowed us to showcase the magnificent landscapes of Montreal's night cityscape.

Over 3 months we shot live footage and utilized time-lapse photography on the Canon 5D Mark II. As a result, we were able to use a stylistic approach to evoke the spirit of Montreal nights. This unique method enabled us to retain the detailed shots of the city lights and avoid post visual effects work with the sole exception of compositing, which resulted in a more realistic and subtle look.

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