A home for people with intellectual disabilities

One may be aware of his or her social responsibility to care for the needs of the disabilities, yet most of us cannot identify with them in their suffering and joy because we are not born like them. But there is a way to it—by looking into ourselves how we are blessed and do the same to them. “A Place Called Home” is about a facet of life of a group of intellectual disabled people who live in a village in Karak, Pahang. For those of us who live in Malaysia, it is not far to pay them a visit and at the same time be impressed of how they are loved by their Creator.

I am thankful to have known them for many years even before they moved into the current premise. The members were very cooperative during the filming as you have noticed they were not conscious of the camera. They are totally different towards visitors. Take the challenge to experience their warmth there in Siloam House as well as enjoying their beautiful farm.

“The best way to cheer yourself is to cheer somebody else up.”
― Albert Einstein

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