Down in the art trenches: "Open to Interpretation"

Greetings fellow lowbrow art lovers, punk rock aficionados and benefactors from around the globe, chances are you've seen this amazing, unsung heros artwork splashed on one of the album covers you bought of The Dead Kennedy's, George Carlan. Jello Biafra or Green Day before and didn't even know it! "Open to Interpretation" the Art of Winston Smith we consider a viable piece in art history, and a provocative art/documentary film in which, we dive deep into the subterranean world of one of America's most controversial artist, Winston Smith as he takes us on a visually stunning journey of intrigue and mystery!

NOTE: What you have watched is my rough, standard definition video, trailer showing you a loosely based blueprint of what the actual film will be like. It was shot in half an hour with NO lighting and a lot of editing! I will be shooting the finished piece with my rather large high definition Sony XDCAM HD camera and a metered three point lighting set-up to technically achieve the results I'm after.

Join us as we enter Grant's Tomb (not the one your familiar with, Grant's Tomb is Winston's sacred art studio where brilliant chaos is created) located in north beach district of San Francisco, Winston opens his doors to us and shares his cleaver antidotes, unhinging stories, political commentaries, social satires and priceless humor as we become true voyeurs to his master works!

Through this, our eyes are drawn into complete social disorder, political turmoil and rogue art at it's finest level. We'll witness at first hand his original collages and artwork alike. If you're not familiar with Winston's works you will be once the time this piece is finished, this film will cover his extensive legacy and current art events!

This film will be directed, edited and shot by Christopher Sorrenti of HiDef Productions. This project is dear to me and, I plan on giving it my full, undivided attention and time!

Also, we have also slated some very creditable and candid interviews for this piece by various celebrated people. This will be announced when they have been confirmed.

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