Saturday, July 9th

This morning in Battery Park we struck out in two teams in order to enact our own version of a merged activity from Eve Mosher’s Highwaterline project and a prototype activity called Future Coast.

In this video two New York City residents respond to the activity sharing their concern that there seems to be no attention to the problem by the population.
Using maps, tape measures, and sidewalk chalk, we marked areas which represented the changes in shoreline as affected by an increase in sea level.

Each team marked three separate areas representing sea level increases in increments of 1.5 foot, 5 foot, and 10 feet. These marks enabled us to visualize the new shape of lower Manhattan, which we found to be radically smaller than the city we’re accustomed to.

The visible lines chalked onto sidewalks and plaza pavers caught the eye of many a pedestrian and several stopped to talk to us about their hopes and concerns regarding the changes that a rising sea level could bring to New York City.

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