Hi Guys,

With inauguration just around the corner, I thought I'd celebrate by doing what I do best - Makeup! I love Michelle Obama's polished look. She's an amazing woman and I thought I'd give you guys a few tips to recreate her look!

P.S. - please ignore my crazy eyebrows in the video...i had fallen asleep before filming this and one of my eyebrows got wiped off, lol

A few of the video highlights for your viewing pleasure:

Pictures of Michelle Obama's Makeup

2:04 - Step 1: The basis to all great makeup -great skin

3:21 - Step 2: Make great skin look even greater - foundation

4:00 - Step 3: An essential key to the look - arched eyebrows

4:55 - A Special Idea!

5:33 - Step 4: Simple and easy eyeshadow

7:12 - Step 5: Make those cheekbones pop - blush

8:12 - Step 6: Perfect that pout - lips

8:51 - Step 7: Remember to smile!

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