This is an excerpt from lesson 5 entitled "As You Treated the Least of These My Brothers," which is part of a 12 lesson - 4 DVD set, "Israel's Prophetic Destiny: If I Forget Jerusalem" with Jill Shannon.

I filmed teacher Jill Shannon in High Definition 1080/24P with a Canon 5D mkII and prime Canon and Nikon lenses on a shoestring budget.

The controversy of Israel's right to exist within secure borders is so timely in the world media right now. Many non-Jews have little true appreciation for the history of what the Jewish people have accomplished and also endured over the centuries at the hands of many who called themselves Christians. What would Jesus have thought of the Church's attitude and behavior towards Jews? Why is Israel important in our day and is it truly the God ordained homeland for Jewish people, and why is it constantly in the news? Does the Bible give readers any prophetic insight into what is transpiring in current events in the Middle East? These are a few of the questions that this series attempts to address.

I am a very small scale production company, not really a company, actually I'm one person, producer/director/editor/camera person of this educational video set about the state of Israel and her peoples history.

Please go to: for more information on this topic and how to order the over 10 hour, full video set.



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