This is the second song I wrote based on "Crooked Little Vein", by bearded author Warren Ellis. It was also shown in the Greek Premiere of Patrick Meany's documentary on Warren Ellis: "Captured Ghosts".
It's pretty much about the book's first chapter, and of course one of my favorite parts of the book, where Mike McGill wanders into a movie theater occupied by Macroherpetophiles. Yes.

This was shot with the help of insane businessman "Gordinho" Nolasco in São Paulo.

Well Mike knows he's no Humphrey Bogart
And that the glory days are now far behind
That now he spends his days trying to kill the rat that keeps pissing in his peace of mind
That he's used to attracting weirdness
He is a shit-magnet after all
A fact well proven as two men in suits
Broke into his office in New York

They pointed guns and called some names
And gave way to this man
A bony-faced familiar figure
That Mike had seen on CNN

He was the chief of staff of the United States
A country lying on its own filth
And it was Mike's job to find a way
A strange mission to fulfill

He had to find a second book
One that was bound in alien skin
A book of rules that was to be used
To save America from within

And so Mike went off half a million richer
With the money of hard-working men
Trawling through the country's underbelly
To find the book, that was the plan

He walked into a seedy movie theater
In which men touched themselves with gloves
That sure enough resembled scaly paws
With which they shared their eerie love

And meanwhile on the silver screen
Godzilla wrestled another beast
To which the audience in horny spasms
Reacted enthusiastically

They were but a taste of what could bee seen
If one looked close enough
A taste of all the well-hidden secrets that today
Passed for ordinary stuff

So Mike McGill started on his journey
That was predicted to go far
By a girl that listened to the future in the sound of passing cars
A dark yet peaceful mysterious figure of the modern times
And she was drowned so deep in silence
So she could hear what the world tried to hide

And Mike McGill
Was in for some thrills
In his cross-country search
In which he'd see the country's real face
In the company of a tattooed girl
And what lied ahead was far more strange than the meeting of his new sidekick
Which says enough as they met in a place where people worshipped Godzilla's dick

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