Experience: Started February 2011
Education: None (other than Googling and projects below)
Video Camera: Canon EOS T2i/550D (running Magic Lantern firmware)

Sample work:

The Rematch at Rexall - Hollywood Oil Contest Entry (3min)- 34709522">vimeo.com/34709522 (1st Place Winner)
Constellations (36min) - 33504461">vimeo.com/33504461
So Long Sam (4min) - CJSW & CUFF Contest Entry - 30691385">vimeo.com/30691385 (1st Place Winner)
Undetected Trailer (1min) - 28698130">vimeo.com/28698130

...it can start anywhere - "Brand your Passion" Contest Entry (30sec) - youtu.be/5AkeVwdRZ_k?hd=1
Timing is Everything - 2011 Big Rock Contest Entry (1min) - youtu.be/2fGeB-VEsts?hd=1

2011 CEPF Links & Legends Charity Golf Tournament (5min) - 32271201">vimeo.com/32271201
Square Deal, Alberta (4min) - 29645791">vimeo.com/29645791
Breaking Through - The Nick Cotter and Kim Hook Story (9min) - 24130209">vimeo.com/24130209
CEPF Stay in School Ski Day (6min) - 21302798">vimeo.com/21302798
Birth of the Caesar Cocktail (1min) - youtu.be/P0nU52sOubM?hd=1

A Book Worth Reading: Chapter 1 - The Proposal (4min) - 31967485">vimeo.com/31967485
Johnston Canyon - The Lower Falls Expedition (4min) - 28002796">vimeo.com/28002796
2011 Fernie Snowboard Trip (5min) - 19726039">vimeo.com/19726039
Maui 2011 (3min) - 18938865">vimeo.com/18938865

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