The 4th installment in The World Wide Art Federation Art Battles, The Art Of War Of Art is sure to blow your mind. The most exciting art exhibition in the South and we're betting the east coast too, is happening on Jan 15, 2011. Starring some of the art world's finest artist from the contemporary to traditional fine art realm.


Fabian Williams as Occasional Superstar

Fahamu Pecou as Sex Choc

Charly Palmer as Montrell The Merciless

Maurice Evans as Evolution

Jessica Scott Felder as Lady Luxe

CP The Artist as Apocalypse

Grace Kisa as Strange

Tela Hubbard as Queen T

Jasiatic Anderson as Camera Lensey

Abu as Kung Fu Abu

and introducing

Aja Adams

Fabian Williams aka Occasional Superstar and Fahamu Pecou aka Sex Choc, put their blood feud aside to take on a foe that threatens to annihilate creativity in both WWAF artists and mere mortals. A seedy, dark, privately, private held hedge fund known as the Foggy Water Investment Group (The Man or FWIG), has been seeding their influence in the halls of Congress as well as the WWAF. By taking art out of schools, they hope to cultivate a worker bee society who only does as they're told and obeys all authority -- even to their own detriment.

The FWIG has infiltrated the WWAF through social connections to push for budget reductions in the art battles. They've gone as far as dispatching agents of distraction during the battles to disrupt the creativity. They even have artists lobbying for their interests. The brainwashed artists, sadly, have adopted some of the FWIG view points: "You don't need art education. You can paint in your spare time. Hell, just do arts and crafts at home."

The FWIG's singular goal is to eliminate artistic expression everywhere, thus making the public at large ripe for conformity. They want to rule the world and only a ragtag band of rebel artists can stop them. Together they will use The Art Of War Of Art to defeat this powerful menace and all their allies!

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