A large southern swell started to impact the California coastline on Wednesday. By Thursday September 1st the swell was peaking. At the Wedge waves were topping out at 25ft. Before I got to the Wedge I ate lunch on the pier located roughly a mile north of the Wedge. The waves were so big that when they rolled through the entire pier would sway.

I got lucky with parking and headed out to the Wedge. The media presence was high and there were roughly 4 news trucks, a couple helicopters, and dozens of photographers covering the waves. There must have been a couple hundred spectators. This video is my first with my 7D. I did pretty well with it except for the fact that I slightly over exposed the video. I also had to look out for white water that would spray up on the beach, occasionally soaking the spectators. I didn't use a tripod because I wanted to be able to get out of there fast if any rouge waves sent water my way. So I stabilized the video the best I could with a monopod in the sand.

The waves were averaging 12 to 15 feet with larger sets around 20 to 25 feet that would break every 30 minutes or so. Nobody with boards were permitted in the water and the lifeguards did a great job of keeping the inexperienced out of the water. People have lost their lives at the Wedge and it's one of the most dangerous breaks in the world. The whole event was quite a spectacle, almost dream like. The green blue water, the perfect weather, and atmosphere made this a memorable event.


I edited the video with iMovie and JES deinterlanced for the slow motion shots. I'm sure if I had final cut, editing would have been a lot easier.

Shot on a 7D withe the Canon 70-200mm f4L and the Sigma 17-70mm 2.8-5.6

Special Thanks to all those brave souls risking their lives at the Wedge for our entertainment.

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