S.E.L.F. someone else likes furniture

is a dance piece about being.
Being one self, being like everybody else, being one, being many, being here and now and there and then, being little and then being so much more.
A moving thought on identity, the action of choice and relations.

Created & performed in Oct-Nov 2008 at PACT Zolleverein & Nya Teatern (Germany & Sweden)
Choreographed by Emmalena Fredriksson together with the dancers Anke Laerenbergh, Carlota Corte-Real and Paola Ponti
Photographed by Ellen Malm

Created with the support of Pact Zollverein, Nya Teatern, ATR, Örebro Kommun, Studjefrämjandet, Azione movin up (Gai, pogas and PARC)

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