Dutch agricultural company PlantLab is researching ways to efficiently grow food in skyscrapers, warehouses, or underground using hydroponics while utilizing technology to precisely control the plant environments and outcomes.

Instead of sunlight, PlantLab uses red and blue LEDs which achieve a a photosynthesis efficiency of 12-15% (outdoor plants are around 9%), they use 10% of the traditional water requirements, they monitor 163,830 reports per second with advanced sensors, and apparently the food tastes better!

Obviously this method of food production is more expensive. But as environment pressures and issues such as peak oil cause food prices to rise, the economies of scale will make setups like this very viable replacements for feeding the world.

We discuss the implications of plugging the plants we eat into the machine, and the idea of a global food production hivemind establishing to increase the efficiency and output of food. In essence, we have turned food production into an informational science and given the process an algorithm with which we can begin to manipulate more aggressively than ever before.

Dutch PlantLab Plugs Plants Into The Machine: No Sunlight, No Windows, Less Water, Better Food

HIVE45 Singularity Podcast:

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