Another talented, (19 years) young, Central Coast musician, Jonal Clauff of Midnight Dorsett gave a dynamic performance of his narrative song, "Mr. Hannah." In Jonal's own words:

"I wrote it in high school when a friend of mine named James kept having confrontations with a kid named Mr. Hannah. He hated that James was the funniest kid in class, and that all the kids liked that we brought our guitars to school every day. We'd just walk around the entire span of the campus playing, and singing songs to everyone we encountered. We'd even sometimes go up to him and his group of friends and sing for them. All his friends loved it, but that would piss him off even more. To the point of him almost fighting James right there in school.

Well this went on for weeks, escalating every day, till one evening, outside of school, we we're sitting outside of a bar in Bakersfield, (where I lived at the time) playing songs, and making jokes about whatever when Mr. Hannah came walking around the corner with his whole posse in tow. You could automatically see the darkness in his eyes. He wanted blood. So he went up to James and started swinging, without letting him put down his guitar or take off his glasses. So by the time James got his glasses and guitar off and was ready to fight, Mr. Hannah ran off. With his friends following. It just goes to show that you don't mess with songwriters, or you'll find yourself in a song. And not in a good way. =)"

Just to clarify, Mr. Hannah was another student. Jonal called him Mr. Hannah so he didn't have to say his first name. Everyone, including Mr. Hannah's friends, liked the name except Mr. Hannah, of course!

The Sanitarium Music Nights are organized by Vincent Bernardy of St. Vincent Folk. They are every first & third Wednesdays of each month at 7:00 p.m. at The Sanitarium Inn & Spa in San Luis Obispo, California. It's a casual and fun gathering of local musicians, singers and singer-songwriters performing for an intimate audience of music lovers and fellow musicians.

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