This photo is special to me because not many people have the opportunity to go overseas and get picked up by an elephant’s trunk. It was my first time going overseas so I was really excited.

In this photo I was six years of age and it was in 2006 on a hot, sunny and humid day. I imagine I was feeling very excited, hot and happy at the time and now when I look back at this photo I think how lucky I am and it brings back the memory of actually being there. This photo was taken because we want to keep the memory and it was a good experience. In the background of this photo there is the elephant instructor that takes the elephant rides and tells it to pick up people and there is bamboo because in Bali there is a lot of it.

The clothes that I was wearing is my favourite hat that we called a truckie. I’m not quite sure why. I’ve got board shorts, a t-shirt and thongs on because it was such a hot day. The temperature on the day was approximately 34 degrees Celsius.

I assume my Mum took this photo because normally it’s my Mum or I that take the photos.

We were in Bali during the Easter School holidays and so we were there for Easter which was our first Easter away. I think it was my first occasion like Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day away. Since it was overseas it was even more exciting but in Bali they don’t celebrate Easter so we celebrated it by having a kit kat from the mini bar at the place we were staying at.

I remember all my memories from Bali by looking at this photo.

NAME: Victoria Blackwood
AGE: 11
SCHOOL: Port Fairy Consolidated School

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