Once upon a time in the kingdom of Morocco, a village in the great mountains of Atlas, wise sorcerer named Hanafi, after his death he left a testament for his three sons, in which he prohibited them from entering or even approaching the small room where he locked himself to practice his magic.

The youngest of the three brothers, Ibourk, decided to break this rule and satisfy his curiosity, he then entered the forbidden room.

He was surprised to find a simple bag in which there was an old hat, a small carpet and a silver pipe. He decided to share the items with his brothers; he gave the carpet to his older brother, The F'kih, the hat to the other, the merchant, the bag to his mother and kept the pipe for him since he likes to smoke in his moments of relaxation.

One day, he discovered that the pipe produces gems every time he used it to smoke, Ibourk then became one of the richest in the village, which provoked the envy and wrath of the village chief, Sheikh.

Ibourk was always in love with the daughter of Sheikh, Titrite, so he did not hesitate to reveal the secret of his fortune to her, malicious like her father, she took the pipe from him after the palace guards beat him and chased him like a hoodlum.

The grief in heart, Ibourk planned his revenge, he remembered the other items he shared with his brothers, they must also have magical powers, so he decided to retrieve them, since his brothers were still unaware of their values. He discovered that the hat has the power of invisibility, he decided to get his silver pipe from Titrite, using that new power, unfortunately, he was still trapped by her and it lost the magical hat.

Ibourk got the carpet from his brother the F'kih, but disappointed after several attempts to discover his power, than he lay on the carpet to rest, suddenly a genie in fire appeared and asked him about what he wishes, Ibourk decided to take revenge again on Titrite and retrieve his stolen objects.
Unlucky once again, Titrite seized the Carpet from him and ordered the genie to send Ibourk far from the world of the living to the world of spirits, The Talt El Khali, and leave him there forever.

Ibourk lost, wandering alone in this world, met Mimoun, a good genie who happens to be a friend of Hanafi, Ibourk’s father, he decided to help him go back to the world of the living through the exit door in a magical orchard.

The adventure began, Mimoun and Ibourk braved great dangers, difficult obstacles and frightening creatures, among them the orchard’s guardian, a Centaur with a horned head, who entrusted Ibourk a magical key to reach the orchard after testing his heart.

Ibourk finally arrived at the orchard, he could not resist tasting the fruits, some delicious black figs, as soon as he ate them, he got horns on his head, panicked, he tried desperately to find a solution to remove them, then he noticed some white figs on another tree, he ate them too, and surprisingly the horns vanished.

Than an idea crossed his mind, he picked both the black figs and the white ones and took them with him, using the magical key to join the world of the living and be back to his father’s house.

Once in the village, he sneaked into Sheikh’s palace and put the black figs in the garden, found by the guards, they took ate some of them and took the rest to the Sheikh who ate them also and his family.

The sheikh and his family were surprised to see growing horns on their heads, they looked in vain for a antidote from all the known sorcerers and healers in the village, desperate, they received Ibourk, who asked to marry Titrite and get back his magical items, in return of the antidote to remove the horns, the Sheikh and his family accepted and were healed after they ate the white figs, Ibourk married Titrite and lived happily.

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