Breaking Stereotypes - Barcelona is a production refreshing the point of view about Barcelona. Its shooted with 5d mark and 7d mark, slider, shoulder stabilizer, using technicolor preset and color graded. Lens used: 24-70mm 2.8f, 70-200 2.8f, 50mm 1,8f and gopro HD. The shooting was at 24fps.

Production team:

Ignasi Rodriguez : Art Director, producer, script, editing, color graded
Eduard Codony : producer, script, editing, camera
Enric Bellsolà : editing assitant, producer assistant
Xavier Hernandez: editing assitant, producer assistant
Guido del Solar: Graphic Designer
David Marcos: Script and original idea

Production company:

Ogmius Audiovisuals:

This film is a campaign by edreams International:

Thanks To Bob Samii and Ina Ghita to let us create!

Thanks to Fernando Rodriguez, Eulalia Gonzalez, Sara Schaeffer, Ion Espunya and Roger Edo for their meaningful comments during the beta script stage.

All Music produced by Soundroll

Huge Thanks to :

Josep Gonzalez
Sara Strelinha
Alexia Rodriguez
Aline Henry
Ion Espunya
Joan Rigat
Alexia Arribes
Guido del Solar

Thank you for all your comments.

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