This was one of the most generous Artists that I've had the pleasure of working with. She was generous, responsive....and looked like she was transcended into her heaven when she danced. She may have lost her battle to cancer, but she gained an immortal legacy with her dance.

You couldn't help yourself from loving her. She invited and summoned it from you...something in her silent solicitation was disarming. There was so much beauty in her and it was not easy in knowing that she wouldn't be with us for very long. Watching her face while she danced was a window open and clear, all the way to whatever and wherever heaven is. Now, if there is not a heaven, then I still want to go where she went when she danced.

It's thought provoking spending time with someone whose nearing the end of their life. They say death informs. It does. It throws you in upon yourself and you count how much time you have. then you think about all the counting that goes on in life. Money, degrees, houses, cars, clothes, getting more, bigger, better... more and more counting. And thus we are measured and measured by. And it was only a number for god's sake.

Mos of us die in less than 100 yrs. That is the time it takes eternity to blink an eye. Then it starts... now they count, what to do with this and that, who gets this..and where should that go, and what the hell is this...must have been important... or was it? and why? (by now you'll know I've done my share of eulogies. You know what I do, when they don't know what to do...I always just ask for the junk drawer...that dump all place where you put those things that you simple cannot get rid of. It always speaks louder than words. )

I've noticed in the travels I've done that happiness has precious little to do with possessions. But, shelter, food & water, someone to love and be loved by..this is essential. If these essentials are not met there is no joy or happiness. Or Life worth living. But I think to myself, those basic needs, and life is rich and no reason to count is the outcome.

In MOST of the world, there is less to count..and a lot more time to be counting if counting were more important. But with all of that time... that some spend counting, they instead, relate to one another. They take time to do that. They dance and sing for the joy of it and they dance and sing together. They grow gardens and flowers, watch the moon and the stars

They play games, but not on the computer. Most countries have some home grown board game..and cards. Something like that. They interface with one another.

They drink and eat together... make wine and cheese, and cook.

I think to myself, spending more time counting on the things that really count is a good idea. I need to do more of this. I have to admit that watching this video never leaves me where it found me. I was sorry to lose her. Sorry that no one called me when she was near the end or even after she passed.

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