I can't work the knobs out. ahahahhaa
My brain just says naaayyyy naaayyyyy. I have it, I see it, I know it, so may a computer wiz help me take these visions and bring them to life on screen? Looking for a team to help me as the visions in the mind of this lass are vast and many! Trying to focus here and do a 12 second piece. I see so many things I wish to do on such a simple matter but just can't get m'head round the bloody knobs! 3-D phew! In the vastness of forever none of these machines are necessary.

I JUST DID IT for the 2nd time. For Steve Gooch and his wonderful Project 12 Seconds for Peace.

‎"It is not nice to hurt mother nature."
"Nothing is permanent and everything is possible."
"Do not stop at the door, open it."

The monsoons were here, I went out as I love thunder storms, I love lightning and danced in the rain. The sky was beautiful with blue sky and scattered clouds. This one was right above my home and the moment was magical. As if on cue when I leaned my head back and spread my arms, the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled, at that very moment. This happened three times as I twirled in the four directions of North, South, East, and West, pouring out love to the whole of existence with my Heart beating for Peace with great intention. It was pouring down and I never wanted to leave.

Wishing to wipe away and erase all pain, all sadness and help UPlift all of life to the beauty that it is no matter what. I hope you get 12 Seconds of something good from it and hope it delivers magnetic charges and sparks of Light to help you build your dreams!

This was also filmed during a period of ongoing recovery from a TBI (traumatic brain injury) with heavy brain pressures. Please visit here for the story: flywithmeproductions.com/blog/?cat=718

I wish to help inspire others who might be going through a brain injury as well as help others comprehend just what it is like to have one. Unless you have you will never know what it is like, yet, may have compassion in understanding. It is very frustrating to not be understood and looks can be deceiving. To accomplish this simple short video took alot for me at this particular time, yet, being an extreme optimist and quantum leaper I see the experience as my Universe expanding! ahahhahaaa I am blowing bubbles and it might 'feel' funny but that is just because I am getting used to the differences between one world and the many others :)

"Remove reacting to the web of life and respond to the loving knowing of it."

"I have no judgement on your opinion"

"The love on the landscape has its horizon in eternity"
~ Annie Elliott

"Where you look there you are your reality awaits you."
"Nothing exists where your mind is not."
"Out of sight, out of mind, never out of Heart."

‎"If you leave anything, leave everything, and keep the giggle."

12 Seconds For Peace 12seconds4peace.blogspot.com/

Thank you. Keep it simple.

All footage: pamela leigh richards
All Sound effects: Nature
Voice Over: pamela leigh richards
Song: Point of No Return Roger Subirana
All quotes: pamela unless otherwise stated ;)

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