“To hit a nail on the head”
an easy image and also a challenge:
to overcome doubts and fear.
Invitation into Life.
To fail could hurt very much.
to succeed: a victory? security?
Faith leads and protects.
The nail: defiance and escape
The clove: anasthetic
a wholly physical experience.
Balloons are like strange bodies, like ghosts, that fill the
space with “nothing”.
they are like fear, that flattens but they are also illusions and dreams...almost as fragile as soap bubbles....
A inner struggle
Do we keep quiet? Unconcious, ike a sleepwalker?
The surge is going on?


performers: Isabel Castro Jung/ Catalina Carrasco
Choreography: Catalina Carrasco
Music: Jaime Rosselló, Jaume Manresa
sculptures and installation: Isabel Castro Jung
Video: Isabel Castro Jung/Manuel Calvo
Direction of camaras and edition: Gloria Matamala
Assistence:Manuel Calvo
Production:Miguel Blanco

Performance: .20min
Video: 6min

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