Please read for details/FAQ'S:

Began: age 14 - 5395 days old

Last photo here: aged 18 - 6856 days old

You can see most of the photographs here:


2010-2011 has been difficult on levels that no-one can really understand.
-December 2010, I was finally diagnosed with depression.
-January 2011, I wanted to walk out on life.
-February 2011, attempted to walk out of college.
-I dropped my A2 and took on a brand new subject and achieved a Distinction in 5 months as opposed to the normal 10 months students usually get to do the course...
-I'm spending less and less time asleep - night terrors ahahaa!

-May 2011: Hacking, threats and attacks began and show no signs of stopping. I cannot discuss this any further due to legal reasons: but please know that it's still going on and is on a very severe level.


Q: Why did you cut your hair off?
(Or comments about how I look prettier with longer hair etc)

-I have Trichotillomania:

Basically, I lose my hair through stress. Although I look okay (sometimes very depressed) from the front, you cannot see what goes on at the back/sides. It's an illusion. So to all the rude comments/questions regarding my drastic hair cuts - it's not because of fashion, or by choice, I had to.

If you really have no idea what I am talking about - watch this:

Q: Why did you shave all your hair off?
A: The above video/links and the video below.

Q: Somehow your smile vanished and your eyes became sad......
A: Yes - my smile vanishes and appears throughout. It's just how I was feeling... Sometimes its hard to put on a happy face when you feel so upset.

Q: How do you get yourself to stay in the same position?
A: I try to pose the same everytime, and then I re-align every photograph in my video editor. Very time consuming - but it works

Q: Who inspired me?

A: This person:


Q: Music?
A: The Storm
Begins by Jennifer Haines

Other people in the video:
My Dad.
My Sister - Eleanor.
Shmonerd - sort of. :S
Jim Markowich

The photographs from 2007 - 2008 were mainly taken in my bedroom or in the loft. From mid 2009 - I started taking them against a specific wall. Summer 2009 - in bathrooms all over Europe. From Sep 2009 - mostly behind my bathroom door. :)

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