What's it like when you're an artist struggling to succeed? What drives you, and what drives you nuts?

He's the voice that you hear, with the name you don't know yet...

What do you get when mix a dash of mania, a pinch of schizophrenia, and a whole lot of balls?

He just might be the best voice artist in the world that you've never heard of...



Steven Cross:
Steven Cross is a writer, director, and producer with over 10 years experience in the film & commercial industry.

Some of his credits include Mad Song, Undone, Allie: A New Beginning, and Girl. He is currently penning a feature film, Rapture from Eden, which he will also direct.
Robert Burton:
Robert Burton is a working actor, voice artist, and comedian. His works are listed on IMDB and he also has a rather large variety of ringtones that he sells on iTunes and Amazon. He received his 2nd nomination from the LA Comedy Awards in August 2011 for "Most Hilarious Voiceover, Lead Actor in a Television Series", as well as the "Most Hilarious Voiceover / New Media Entertainer" category in March of 2011.

Recently, Robert has thrown 2 other titles into the mix: writer and producer. "Day in the Life of a Comic" is his first venture into this new dreamscape. He believes in following your dreams until they manifest into and become the reality you imagined. He also deeply values his friends and family.

Robert divides his time between his home in Seattle, Washington and his work in Los Angeles, California. His wife Nancy, daughter Rhianne, and mother-in-law Doris all reside in Seattle.

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