Today I took Katya to Trinity Bellwoods Park to see the outdoor art show, Dance and Music at the Queen West Art Crawl, July 18th, 2011. Watch her toes tap to the music even though she can only hear properly out of one ear now after her stroke.

Watch for new videos to come soon where I have watched her eyes read the lines of all text emails and pointing to ones she wants to read and not read too. She wanted to have the font size very small before she could read it, she didn't like normal to large font sizes when reading.
NOTE: You can download the original video file I made of this if you log into vimeo and then click the link on each video page near the bottom and on the right. This will allow you to save the video and to play it without being connected to the internet every time you want to see it.

FULL SCREEN: You can also play this and all videos fullscreen by pushing the area with the 4 arrows at the bottom right corner of every video. You then push the esc key to go back to normal.

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