Thoracic Epidural Anesthesia.

Educational Video.
7min. HD.
Buenos Aires, 2012.


These are some videos shot for the anesthesiologist Tato Alvarez to accompany the lectures he gave at:

Harvard University.
McGill University, Montreal.
University of Pennsylvania.
Pisttsburg University.
University of Michigan.
ASA Annual Meeting, Chicago.
University of Louisville.
University of Kentucky.
Massachussets General Hospital.
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
Tufts University, Boston.
Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York.


Anesthesiologist. Tato Alvarez.

Thoracic epidural anesthesia.
Hospital Italiano.
Buenos Aires. 2011


Director. Marina G. Bonofiglio.
Camera Operators. Diego Sega, Greg Henkel, Tomás Cortés-Rosselot, Marina G. Bonofiglio.
Editor. Marina G. Bonofiglio.

Music. Fusión a distancia. Tangochillout

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