One day we were taking a walk and came across a small 2nd hand bookstore in SW Portland. When we walked into the shop, we saw something very unique. There were mountains of books and magazines plastered all over the walls, soft jazz music was playing in the background, and there were various contemporary artifacts throughout the space.

We started to talk to Jeff, the 3rd generation storeowner, and found out the shop has been around since 1937, which makes the oldest 2nd hand bookstore in Portland.

After talking to Jeff about his background and the heritage of the store, we wanted to share Jeff’s story.

We spent the next two months getting to know Jeff and eventually asked him if we could make a documentary about store. He agreed and we made 5-minute film.

Here’s our favorite story that unfolded during the filming:
It was 6:00pm and we had a long day of filming planned. We were interviewing Jeff when we heard a loud, constant banging coming from upstairs. Turns out, on top of the bookstore there’s a non-alcoholic strip club. The doors had just opened for the night. We went back the next day to finish the interview.

Directors: Jin Ryu + Yi-Fan Lu
Director of Photography: Robert Woodwards
Editor: Robert Woodwards

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