The Privacy Workshop Project - Enhancing the value of privacy in today's students' view. A talk at 25C3 - 25th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin on 2008-12-29.

The general idea behind the project “Privacy Protection Workshop Project” is getting in touch with pupils to demonstrate them the importance of privacy protection and demonstrate security technologies that are important in the digital age we live in. The questions we want to raise awareness of, are:

Is there still a need of privacy protection when party videos and pictures in swimwear substitute for job interviews? Who may be able to access my pictures in “SchülerVZ” and other web2.0 platforms? Why is an email more similar to a postcard than a sealed letter? Is it necessary to encode the data on my USB-stick or rather hope it never get lost? In our experience these important questions are more or less hardly ever considered.

Our workshop-plan distinguishes between two ways of educational methods. First we offer information sessions within the educational curriculum in schools. These will give the pupils an understanding of security measures that are helpful and in our opinion necessary for dealing with SchülerVZ & Co. These sessions are developed in co-operation with their teachers. Second we offer workshops outside the official school hours that will delve more deeply into concepts such as cryptography and secure passwords. The workshop participants are encouraged to put these concepts into direct action by using their brought along USB-sticks and/or Laptops. Due to the complexity of the technologies and their use in day-to-day life we concentrate on Truecrypt and Torpark for USB-sticks and GnuPG for email security.

For more information go to our Wiki:; contact us at | info [at] privacyworkshop [dot] de | or follow our Twitter / @privacyworkshop.

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