MPC NYC recently teamed with Nicola Formichetti, fashion icon, Creative Director and Stylist to Lady Gaga, on his Untitled Video Portrait, a project especially created as part of his pop up shop at the world-famous New York Fashion Week.

Untitled Video Portrait was conceived by Formichetti, who worked in close collaboration with the MPC team - Director/Editor: Andrew Montague, Producer: Christos Montzouros and EP Justin Brukman – and marks the very first time that the artist, well-known for his creative work, has appeared in front of the camera as the focal point of a piece.

The film, which is now online, made its world premiere at Formichetti’s pop up store at the start of Fashion Week. The MPC team was approached for the prestigious job by Moving Image & Content, the agency that handles Formichetti’s work as well as that of Thierry Mugler.

It was clear from the onset that the approach would be an unconventional one in order to create a unique and unusual film. Because of the Fashion Week deadline, the team’s first challenge was the extremely tight turnaround – a couple of days prep and then a one-day shoot followed by a two-day edit. A total of five days from concept to completion. Director Andrew Montague chose to create the majority of the effects practically in camera which were seamlessly integrated with a series of stills he shot using a vintage 50mm portrait lens.

Montegue notes, “When I showed the stills to Nicola, he was blown away by them and immediately wanted to include them. Although not originally planned for, we used the stills to create a number of morphs and beautiful light refractions with vibrant color in post which added another visual dynamic to the overall piece.”

“We made a consious decision with Nicola to keep the piece intriguing and mysterious,” adds Mountzouros. “On set we used a number of practical elements to disguiuse his identity and there were very few moments where we shot him face-on to the camera.”

The film is currently playing at Formichetti’s pop up store in Tribeca, NYC.

Presented by MAC & Boffo
Executive Production, Video Content, Digital Strategy and Distribution: Moving Image & Content
Production Co.: MPC
Director/Editor: Andrew Montague
DOP: Huy Dang
Executive Producer: Justin Brukman
Producer: Christos Mountzouros
Assistant Producer: Vanessa Buenaventura
Production Assistants: Benjamin Becker, Kelsey Fink
Make up: Maki Ryoke
Music: LOVESONG TOTUREMIX by The Black Soft

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