Ann Tyre is a Scottish born ceramic artist who has called Winnipeg, Manitoba home for some time. After a career as Director of Finance for a charitable non-profit organization, Ann obtained a BFA majoring in Ceramics. Since then she has attended workshops and residencies both in Canada and overseas.

In 1993 she opened her own studio. Her influences are varied, from her teachers to the everyday world around her, the changing conditions of light, texture and form. She strives for simple, strong forms and a quiet meditative aesthetic. Most of her work is fired in an electric kiln, but she relishes any opportunity to wood fire with fellow artists.

Ann has held the treasurer’s position on the Board of the Manitoba Crafts Council, and is currently serving in that capacity on the Board of the Canadian Crafts Federation.

She was also honoured to serve on the Selection Committee for the Canadian Crafts Federation in creating the Prairie Region content of Canadian National Exhibition “Unity and Diversity” which was the guest exhibit at the 2009 Cheongju Biennale.

produced by: Compass Digital Media
music: "Our Moon" by Roger Subirana Mata

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