00:00:00 Roll call and pledge
00:01:37 Approval of minutes
00:02:00 Discussion of proposed lake ordinance
00:05:50 Public comments including alligations from
disgraced former councilman Joe Elcavage
against Mayor Bieri,Elcavage defends MUA.
01:00:20 Joe Elcavage
01:49:30 Mayor Bieri appoints Chief Chiosi permantent
Chief of West Milford Police
01:51:20 Mayor Bieri responds to Elcavage and continues
to hold MUA responsible for polluting W. Milford
02:41:00 Village on Ridge discussion to give the go
ahead of a sixty home development of ridge rd
03:36:50 Council reports including Smolinski questioning
the appointment of police chief chiosi, and
making allegations against the mayor and her
CPA practice

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