This particular camera is a prototype and not final build quality. phil[at]texasmediasystems{dot}com

Song 1: "More Contour"
Song 2: "Hot Here Under The Roof"
Album: Last Looks
Artist: The Sour Notes

All shots used this scene file: Synchro scan: 1/60, Detail: 0, V Detail: 0, Detail Coring: +5, Chroma level: +1, Chroma phase: 0, Master ped: -7, A. iris level: -3, DRS: Off, Gamma: Cinelike D, Knee: :Low, Martix: Norm2, Skin tone detail: Off, V detail frequency: Thin.
Overall P.A.P. Type 2 (which is the default setting)

Shot at 1080, 422 10 bit, 100 mb/sec. Export was H.264, Keyrames: Auto, Frame Reordering: ON, Quality: High, Encoding: Best Quality / Multi pass, Restrict to 10,000 kbits/sec, Optimized for streaming.

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