Subverting public space via an augmented (AR) sound & image intervention, created as part of Music Hack Day Montreal on September 25th, 2011, at Eastern Bloc.

I should explain what we did. First we stopped random strangers on the street and asked them to express themselves vocally - in a sort of a sing-song way - which we then recorded. We then created colored music notes which were assigned to each voice.

Both the images and voices were uploaded and processed via an (AR) Augmented Reality open source processor which allowed us to define certain GPS trigger points in and around Eastern Bloc where the event took place (in the Little Italy area).

So as the smart phone scanned the space, the predefined GPS point in the space would trigger a certain colored note to appear, which was assigned to it. This in turn would also trigger the voice of the stranger, bringing an intimate encounter between participants and the stranger within that Public Space.

More information and images can be found at these links:

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